Waterproofing Chemical
Our company offers top-grade Waterproofing Chemical coats that are used to make a protective waterproof shield over concrete, metallic, and wooden surfaces. The offered chemicals come in various grades as per their capability to resist water, chemicals, and heat. 
Buy from us dr.fixit liquid compounds that are commonly used for waterproofing of platers and concrete. The good workability, bonding strength, and corrosion resistance make them highly demanding among our customers.
Tile Joint Grout And Adhesive Products
Tile Joint Grout And Adhesive Products are masonry compounds that are used for crack filling for repairing concrete structures. The offered products can be delivered to our customers as per the order placed by them with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
Waterproofing Coating
We are a renowned name that offers Waterproofing Coating compounds that are suitable for a wide range of materials to protect them from moisture and water. These products are available in liquid forms that can be easily applied with the help of paint brushes.
Building Construction  Adhesive
Building Construction Adhesive chemicals offered by our company are commonly used to fix tiles and other masonry products. These adhesives can be used in indoor as well as outdoor applications due to their excellent weather and chemical resistance.
Admixture And Repair Mortar
Admixture And Repair Mortar compounds are prepared by using best-in-class cementitious materials that are mixed in highly proportionate amounts. The offered admixtures are in high demand because of their good mixability, bonding strength, and workability. 
Grouting Chemical
Grouting Chemical offered by our company can be used in concrete repairing applications by filling cracks and other deformation to increase the strength of the structures. Customers can get these constructional-grade chemicals at a reasonable and low price.
MYK Arment Waterproof Polymer
MYK Arment Waterproof Polymer compounds are multipurpose waterproofing solutions that can be used for coating bathroom tiles, terrace floors, concrete sheds, and masonry walls. Get these polymeric chemicals in bulk within sealed packages at a reasonable price.
Concrete Treatment And Rehabilitation
Our company offers Concrete Treatment And Rehabilitation services for repairing various types of indoor as well as outdoor structures. Customers can get our service from our skilled professionals at a reasonable price. 
Grout And Anchors
Grout And Anchors are resin-based cementitious materials that are in high demand within concrete repairing applications. These compounds are used to fill voids as well as to fix various types of fixings with high rigidity. 
Tile And Stone Cleaners
Tile And Stone Cleaners are high-performance liquid formulations that are used to remove light to hard impurities from stones and tiles to give a shiny and glossy finish. These liquid cleaners are available in different-sized sealed plastic containers as per orders placed by our customers. 
Cement Grouting Pump
Buy from our premium range of sturdy and efficient Cement Grouting Pump units that are in high demand within construction applications for the filling of cement grouts into cracks. The offered pumps are available in mechanical as well as pneumatically powered variants as per the clients demand.
Reinforcing Materials And Fibers
We are offering premium-grade Reinforcing Materials And Fibers that are in high demand within construction, industrial, and commercial applications to increase the strength of various products. Get these strengthening materials as per your requirements at a reasonable and low price.

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